Creative Direction, UX/UI, Illustration, Website Development

The Challenge

To redesign The CAMP’s website the challenge was to balance international and multi-cultural artistic influences and incorporate them all into one cohesive website design. As a companion retail space to The LAB in Orange County, The CAMP has cultivated a reputation for promoting healthy, green and organic themes. The desire was to capture all of their inspiration into one online presence, while not losing site of the overall vision of promoting the shops that occupy this unique southern California shopping experience.

The Solution

Premium Interactive balanced the multi-cultural, natural and organic themes of The CAMP with a loose and unstructured UX/UI. By drawing from many different influences from around the world P.I. went for the gusto by creating several animations and sliders designed to create so much sensory input that it would be impossible to pigeon hole the design esthetic in one category. Developed with a customized CMS, events section as well as custom shop pages, this site design was tailor made to illuminate this cool Southern California destination shopping experience.