YADA stands for Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts and every one of their children’s musical theatre productions proves that they are at the top of the children’s musical theatre game. From the quality talent they source from the Hollywood production community for set design and lighting to the talented actors they find to direct the kids, to the costumes and makeup, no detail is left to chance. Like the quality of their school, the creativity and quality of their branding/website/social media design had to match that same level of excellence.



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YADA Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts serves a very discerning group of parents (some are Hollywood celebrities themselves) and their children in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area. Their were two major challenges when approaching the design and build of the Yada.org customer platform. The first challenge was the look of the logo and the design of the website had to appeal to both the parents and the kids, but also compete with the branding of the cable channels and movies this discerning group was already being exposed to every day.

The second challenge was to create a simple-to-use registration system on YADA.org that would make it easier for the parents to sign their kids up for new YADA musicals and retreats. This would also free up the administration staff from the repetitive work that was required in entering the registration information for each parent and child.


The solution for the YADA online rebrand and development of their customer platform was to focus on clearly communicating their complex program through the use of visual badge designs that would be consistent with the new YADA logo. We took design cues from kids shows produced in Los Angeles well as design cues from popular musical theatre productions to design this system of badges that would represent different parts of their program.

To solve the challenge of designing online registration system for the parents, our design and development team worked together to craft a custom online customer platform. This e-software solution includes both the registration as well as a client dashboard the parents can use to both sign their children up for the latest musical, retreat, or dance class, and complete their health and photo/video release forms all in the same session. All this information the online platform collects allows the administration staff easily coordinate their classes and staff members.


YADA Badges

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