WCLA 2013 Vision Board


Proposed Theme

Create a modern expression inspired by L.A.’s Art Deco history of design and architecture all around our city.

Starting in the 20’s and through the 30’s there were many buildings and theatre signage being designed that were influenced by the art deco movement. Today, driving around L.A. (which is a huge part of our culture) we are constantly reminded of this Art deco influence from the fonts and theatre signage design in downtown and Hollywood to specific historic locations like “The Georgian Hotel” in Santa Monica.

Proposed Logo


What I have attempted to do is capture some of the charm of art deco design style in the logo but give it a modern twist. The paint is still wet and this design is still a work in progress so it may get refined a little more.

To develop my plan for this branding I started by checking out some of the other Wordcamp websites from the last year and saw a few similarities. They all use a picture of their city in the header and each has a simple logo that can be used as a module for tees, stickers, etc. So even though I did have more ambitious ideas when I started I decided it would be fitting to focus on just the essentials. I have strived to come up with a distinct and unique logo that will stand out and make people want to click to learn more.

Proposed Header Design

The composition in my drawing for the homepage header below, is designed to combine three areas of L.A. that are iconic and incorporate them into one composition. To keep things simple the execution for this site header design will be pretty straight forward. Three graphics; logo, header graphic and one centered background graphic. CSS will be used to round the corners on the rectangle area above the header and the corners on the top of the main nav. as well as change the font colors and maybe sizes around the site…  To see my proposed treatment for the way I would like to execute the graphical treatment, color scheme and suggested font choices keep scrolling below….



Proposed Fonts and Color Scheme

The fonts and colors chosen are all modern versions of inspired fonts and colors from early Art Deco… Except for Open Sans…


Inspiration For Illustration Style

As you can see in the logo I designed above I applied a film grain affect to the finished logo. The inspiration for this style of illustration came from the modern Art Deco inspired illustrations below… I propose to use this same style of execution in all the graphics in the header of the website…


Additional Merch Design