WordCamp LA 2014

Proposal For WordCamp L.A. 2014 Branding and Website Design

Forget all that stuff I said about Olympics and 80’s retro! What was I thinking! Ha ha ha… J/K I still love the stuff I did in the first comp but if it’s not really resonating then I’m going to take the visual direction in a more classy cool direction (I’ll leave the other version of the graphics here on the page to compare and contrast but I think I’m getting closer in this new version).

* What you’ll see here in the new comp is I moved the ‘W’ into the globe and sort of superimposed it. I think it looks pretty cool. Some folks will see the globe first while others will see the logo first. I think it is a cool way to integrate the ‘W’ into the logo in a new and interesting way.

* Gone are the dark ominous clouds and ‘trapper keeper’ inspired graphics that added to the chaotic, disconnected feeling and replacing them are a cool sunset pick of our L.A. skyline fading to a starry night sky with fireworks, flanked by silhouetted palms.

* Bright green gone and replaced with a light colored salmon/pink sampled from the sunset sky of the L.A. picture

* Gone are the Olympics inspired illustrations for the four mini-features, now replaced with classy icons that are a little more straight forward (Still have a few more to finish here).

Check it out….

T-Shirt Designs…

Guy T-Shirt Design




Girl T-Shirt Design







Sticker Sheet Design

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 3.11.16 PM

Mug Design




Bag Design