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As you scroll down you will see details for each phase of the new YADA website (customer platform) from the Discovery process to the Design Phase, to Development and Deployment. The strategy we tailored for YADA started by sending a Constant Contact targeted survey to 1000 parents to get their feedback.


50 parents filled out the entire survey giving us a great idea of what they and their children were looking for from the new YADA.ORG website. From that initial survey and our early meetings to discuss the YADA owners view of their culture and their business goals, we started to plan out the entire project.

From the interviews and research we did we established that 90% (maybe more) of YADA's business comes from referrals. The user flow is almost always the same. A parent or child gets invited to one of YADA's musicals or party's, the parent attends and sees how awesome the YADA program is and then they enroll their own child into one of YADA's new productions.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 8.15.35 PM

... We also established from our early meetings that YADA's business is based on targeting the Parents of the students, so although this website is geared toward a youthful look and feel, it is the parents that we are ultimately targeting.

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The three priorities that the parents told us they wanted from the website were to see the Dates of the Shows & Schedule, easy access to Registration and Organized and intuitive information on YADA's programs.


Once we established our priorities for features and functionality of the new yada.org we did some rough drawings that evolved into a finished Wireframe for the Home Page of new website...


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.51.48 PM

Color Scheme and Design Inspiration

After the wireframe for the new website was under way we performed a lot of deliberate research to zero in on great fonts, colors and design inspiration for the new YADA brand. We found the following design role models great inspiration to help us communicate the core values and brand esthetic of YADA to their clients and their clients kids.



Design Influences

SG-90 Style Guide Creator
SG-90 Style Guide Creator
SG-90 Style Guide Creator

YADA Logo Design

Once we had a good idea of where we were headed with the colors and design inspiration for YADA we dove into doing a bunch of drawings and eventually many iterations of YADA logo possibilities in Illustrator.

yada_drawing_logos-02 yada_drawing_logos-01



YADA Style Guide

After many hours of intentional design work we arrived at a finished logo, color scheme and font family to communicate the new YADA brand...


To support the new brand custom illustrations were also designed for each of the categories of YADA's class, camp and retreat offerings...


YADA Website Design & Development

Once the logo design and the branding were in place the real magic began. We started officially designing what would become the new YADA.ORG. From the Home page to all of the sub-pages to the custom registration process every detail of every page was designed and developed to support the mission of giving parent, relative and child a great experience when interacting with YADA!...

SG-90 Style Guide Creator
SG-90 Style Guide Creator
SG-90 Style Guide Creator
SG-90 Style Guide Creator
SG-90 Style Guide Creator




Print Out Online Forms As A .PDF

We even created PDFs (in the exact same layout and format as their paper forms) which are stored securely on the server so staff can pull up the information whenever & wherever they need it.

SG-90 Style Guide Creator
SG-90 Style Guide Creator
SG-90 Style Guide Creator
SG-90 Style Guide Creator

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